Phir Wahi Cover Song Video – Jagga Jasoos – By Amrit Ray

This is a song from the film Jagga Jassos, originally sung by Arijit Singh. In the movie, the main character Ranvir Kapoor sings this remembering his father and his childhood days.

My father passed away and few months ago, and I thought it is a good song to dedicate to him. I have used some of his video footage and still photos in the video. I only used footage that I had handy with me now. Had I invested more time, I could have used his photos and pics from his early days.

Though that would have been better, but there is always a chance in such a situation to postpone projects. The longer it takes, the longer it gets delayed, the more changes it has of getting shelved.

So I decided to work with footage I already had. Which were of recent times, of course.
I also wanted to keep the mood of the song somewhat happy. I didn’t want it to look too melancholy.

Also, this is the first time I have given music to any song. So far I have relied on others to provide me with music for my songs. But they kept delaying. So I decided to take matters into my own hand.

I had to invest in a little bit of time in learning to use the professional software and tools to create music online. But I think it was well worth it. And moreover, you should never stop learning. If you decide that there is nothing that you cannot do, then you are ready for everything.

However, what amazes is the fact that so far, in the 2 days since it has been live on YouTube, this video has garnered not more than 100 views!!

I see some people singing through their mobile headphones and their videos are appearing on the first page of YouTube. Well hopefully things will change over time when I add more videos.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this video.