Looking For A WordPress Premium Theme – Introducing RayThemz

Okay. This post is not on music. But this too has to do with art. I want to introduce you to RayThemz where you can download various Premium WordPress Themes of your choice.

RayThemz.com is one of my sites friends, along with my web design business. RayThemz is your one stop shop for all your premium WordPress theme needs. Here we are only concentrating on creating themes for WordPress. So suppose you want a blog like this, or perhaps you have a different kind of a website or a blog idea in mind, you can easily create one, without the much technical knowledge, using one of our themes.

Choosing And Downloading A Theme

You can browse for your favorite theme using various categories and tags. We have themes, for personal blogs and site, ecommerce sites, business websites etc. Browser through the various categories and choose a theme you like. You can also view theme demo so see how your site would actually look. You can customize the themes if you wish using the child themes provided, with each theme. So in future if you make any modifications to the theme, you won’t loose any of those changes, when you upgrade to a newer version of the theme.

Registration is required to download the themes, but the process is very simple, straightforward and quick. Once that is done, you can simply pay for a theme using PayPal and other offline method if PayPal is not available in yoru area. Once it is paid for, you can simply download the theme from your within your Dashboard.

Free WordPress Themes

Yes, we are also offering a free WordPress theme right now; it is called Beelu Peelu Blog There is a story behind this blog too. This theme is named after my pet (dogs) brothers, who are no more. One was called “Peelu” and the other “Beelu”. So we came up with the idea of creating a theme in their memory, and that’s what we did. Though it has not really reached as many people as we would like to. But we are trying and hopefully in time, many people will know and also use this theme on their sites. That would make me really happy. That would make people how wonderful they were.

What You Get With Each Theme Download

With each theme download, you get free support for an entire year. You get the license to use the theme for lifetime, i.e. you can use it for ever. However, support and updates to the theme are limited for one year only. So if you wish to keep getting updates and support from us, then you will need to renew the theme license.

RayThemz is one of my ventures, and we are working quite hard on releasing new themes that you would find both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Hope many of you would start liking it over time and would make us proud by using our themes on your precious sites.