Jiya Tere Bin feat. Amrit Ray

Artist: Amrit Ray
Music: D18Studios
Lyrics: Amrit Ray

It took me about 2 days to write the lyrics and come up with the melody of the song. For this song “Jiya Tere Bin”, I worked with D18Studios for composing music for the track. It was recorded and mixed at D18Studios. I had a bad throat the week we were supposed to record it, so we postponed it for the next week. Unfortunately, it was not so good the next week either. I came down with a fever and cold the night prior to our recording. But I had made up my mind, to go and record at whatever cost.

Fortunately, the next morning, fever was gone. But my voice was not so good. But I still feel the song came out quite nicely.

Winters are usually a bad time for me, as I am quite prone to catching cold. But I have seen that regular Yoga helps me a lot at keeping my nose open and my voice a lot better. So I practice Yoga day. Makes me feel good too.

We are scheduled to shoot an official video for the song this coming weekend. We have planned on an outside city location for the shoot. I am a little nervous, and keeping my fingers crossed.
Anyway, shared the song with you through Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy it.

I will share the video when it is out.