Humsafar Ki Talash Mein Video Shoot

I am not a avid blog writer. At least, not as much as I would really like to be. Though I do think, keeping and writing a blog regularly is fascinating. With time memories do tend to fade, get muddier; going back to the events can be like a breath of fresh air. Of course the possibility of other reading about you publicity is an added bonus. We all have a craving to be famous, to be known. I think a blog can help us stay connected to the outside world. And social media can help facilitate that connection.

Okay, lets talk about the song and the video. Just to give you a little background, the song was composed by Rajive Mohan from South Africa. He is a very talented music director and composer with years of experience in the industry. I met him when I was staying in Durban, South Africa, and performing with local South African bands. I miss those days. Anyway, the music was composed in South Africa and I recorded it in Katharas Studios New Delhi. Rahul recorded the song there; he is better known online as Protonix Davis. It was then finally mastered & mixed by Rajive. It was my first song professionally recorded in India, after a long gap from my performances in SA.

I had many & frequent discussions with Avinash Ji for the video for this song. He is a very nice person and willing to listen to your ideas and requirements. Initially we wanted to go outstation to some nearby hill stations to shoot the video, as Delhi itself doesn’t have too many locations where you can shoot, as places can sometimes be very crowded. And if you are looking to shoot without others in the video, you will probably need to go off to remote locations. Hill stations are good, as they are nearby to Delhi, and offer very picturesque views. However, that got cancelled and later on we decided to shoot in Delhi itself. We rented a farm house that is used frequently for shooting.

It was my first video ever, so it was an exciting and fascinating experience. There were some last minute glitches, as can be expected in any creative endeavor. The shoot took place in the first week of March. It was just a one day shoot. If there was more time, perhaps we could have done better, but we had to do with all we could with one day worth of shoot. The choreographer, Nirdosh also played an important role in the video, as is of course expected. In the process we became good friends.

I had applied for my own VEVO channel, which I have finally got now. And the video is uploaded to my official VEVO channel on YouTube. See the video below:

Video Credits:
DOP & Camera: Avinash Kumar
Choreographer: Nirdosh Sharma
Asst. Director: Babita Tamang
Make up & Hair: Pooja Singh
Stylist: Pooja Thapa

Some Shots From The Day Of The Shoot

Getting ready for the big day


A little bit of make up and hair


A little bit of direction from Director & Choreographer


Shoot is on – Amrit Ray & Akanksha


Another shot


Solo shot – Akanksha


Another solo shot – Akanksha


Break time Fun time – Some fun shots


Solo Shot – Amrit Ray


Some brainstorming during the shoot


Some more discussions during the shoot


Another scene from the video


Final group shot at the end of the day…