25 Colorful and Free Spring Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Spring time is no doubt one of the best times of the year. This is the time when winter goes away and makes way for a greener earth. Spring is usually a very pleasant weather with the right balance of both summers and winters. So it is not too hot and at the same time not to cold either. It 


35 Mind Blowing Fantasy Landscape Illustrations

The collection of fantasy wallpapers that I am showing today is fantastic. You can view them over and over again and still enjoy them. You can easily get lost in the fantasy world that the artists have created or imagined. The fantasy landscape illustrations must have taken a lot of imaginative power to create such compelling and effective landscape illustrations. 

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30 Attractive and Glamorous Celebrity Website Designs

The one thing that makes a celebrity stand out is the number of people knowing them and the huge number of fans following them. They are rich and famous, well rich because they are famous. There are times when it is the other way around too. You are rich and therefore you are famous. Many may argue that they are 


36 Incredible and Beautiful Insect Macro Photography

Macro photography is amazing and can reveal details that you never thought possible. Macro photography is when you take enlarged photographs or photographs taken from a very close proximity. Usually all modern cameras have this setting and allow the camera to focus on objects very close by and take pictures with details that you never imagine possible seeing with your 


24 Unusual and Creative Business Card Designs

Business cards can server many purposes, advertising being one of them. An official meeting is incomplete without the exchange of business cards among business associates. Business cards not only tell the other person who you are but also a lot about the company you work for. Whether you work for yourself or a company, a business card is of prime 

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14 Beautiful and Free Seamless Floral Pattern Sets

Patterns are like building blocks for designs and graphics; we all need them sometimes for one type of design project or the other. And if you can get free patterns then it can really help you speed up the design process as you don’t have to spend a lot of time designing the patterns yourself. As with all type of 


10 Stunning Futuristic Architectural Projects For Greener Environment

No one is sure of what the future holds for mankind especially when man has already used up so much of the natural resources and polluted the environment is such a small span of time that that mankind has occupied this earth. If we are to carry on we need to give special attention environment so that is capable of 


26 Awesome Angel And Fairy Wallpapers

Angels and fairies are mythical beings and have a prominent place in ancient mythology and religion. Fairies are supposed to be from the spirit world with magical powers. They resemble humans in appearance and are depicted in folklore as a species completely independent of humans. They are supposed to be from a different world altogether. Fairies have their origin in 

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22 Beautiful And Useful Free Handwritten Fonts

Well, it is not wrong to say that the age of the snail mail is over. After all, no one writes a letter these days. The days of postcards are over too. When you can take a photograph on vacation and post it straight to your Facebook wall, why bother with postcards? With all the new technology in place it 

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What should a freelance beginner do?

Due to the appearance of Internet the world is getting smaller and smaller; nowadays it’s happening that a client hires a specialist from another part of the world and this became a pretty common activity. The amount of money transacted on various job boards may give an idea that freelancing isn’t some word spoken in vain, it’s a real industry 

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