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Malala Yousafzai – Shot To Name Fame And Fortune

I read this name a couple of times in the news and elsewhere but chose to ignore it like I do with most news that I believe to be trivial and can be brushed aside. Genuinely a lot of news does fall into that category, and I rarely read them and waste my time. But then I saw ‘Malala’ written 


User Experience Is The Core Of Customer Conversion

“Beauty like supreme dominion, is but supported by opinion” said Benjamin Franklin a few years back. That phrase is like many of its peers, highly cliché and not always true…not in web design. Web designers are arguably the most creative bods in the online website cog-in-the-wheel  universe. But sometimes, creativity stands in the way of business. Creativity can in its 


Making Sense of Intel’s Core Processor Types

Comparing CPUs for desktops, laptops and smartphones used to be a simple calculation—just compare the clock-speed and cache size. But multi-core technology and more advanced features have complicated the picture, even while breaking through performance barriers. Still, once you understand some of the concepts behind modern computer processors, it’s not too difficult to learn to compare them, especially with a 

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Brochure As a Marketing Tool

Marketing as we all know is an integral part of any business. It is the medium through which word about your business reaches far and across. Marketing helps potential customers to know about your company, your products and services, and also about the benefits and advantages that they are likely to get if they did business with you. Marketing also 


Five imperatives that we must follow in order to accomplish a smooth transition to the cloud

In today’s Virtual Era, the role of IT has changed due to the speed at which technology is evolving, and it requires the same evolution of our IT teams. In order for the teams to support, and carry out the goals of their organizations, they need the infrastructure to grow while becoming more agile and efficient. However, there are some 

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Ten Things to Know About the Cloud

Cloud computing refers to using the Internet to perform tasks normally performed through a computer connected to a physical location such as an office. The concept of cloud computing has been a dream in the IT world for decades, but it’s only recently that the technology has caught up with the dream to become a viable reality. Cloud computing includes 

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To Improve Blogs Off-Page SEO : Ways

Off-Page SEO is all about optimization carried out off your blog or site. To name a few, forum marketing, link building and social bookmarking comes under Off-Page SEO activities. Both the off and On-Page SEO is considered as indispensable thing to search engine rankings. In nutshell, in the Off-page SEO, you need to do different things outside the blog which 


Will Humans Be Immortal One Day?

Since man occupied earth, he has wanted to live longer and longer. No one wants to die and why should one? It is a total waste of all the time one has put in learning so many skills and acquiring vast amount of knowledge and experience. Don’t you think so? Perhaps you do, but then it has been like this 

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Discussing Possibilities Of A Business Without Google Traffic

If you have been hit by the Penguin and Panda Update recently, then you might find this article interesting. Of course even if you were not hit by the Penguin, you can still consider reading this article. In this article we will discuss the possibilities of a business without Google traffic. Well, it might appear to be an absurd thought 

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Highlights Of The Google Penguin Update

If your website rankings have jumped down significantly in the last few weeks then you might have been hit by the latest Penguin Update.The news of Penguin Update was released on April 24, 2012. The update highlights on many things. For instance, it focused on site wide links, especially those that go against the Webmaster Guidelines of Google. Not only