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Discussing Possibilities Of A Business Without Google Traffic

If you have been hit by the Penguin and Panda Update recently, then you might find this article interesting. Of course even if you were not hit by the Penguin, you can still consider reading this article. In this article we will discuss the possibilities of a business without Google traffic. Well, it might appear to be an absurd thought 

Articles, Internet Marketing

Highlights Of The Google Penguin Update

If your website rankings have jumped down significantly in the last few weeks then you might have been hit by the latest Penguin Update.The news of Penguin Update was released on April 24, 2012. The update highlights on many things. For instance, it focused on site wide links, especially those that go against the Webmaster Guidelines of Google. Not only 

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5 Beautiful Free Medical Icon Sets for Your Next Design Project

Icons help spice up a website. Ask any web designer or graphic designer and he will tell you the importance of icons in design. Icons can be used in many ways in your designs or graphics. In websites they can also serve as image links, that is, the images can be used in place of text links to make the 

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31 Creative Examples of Character Illustration in Web Design

Web design is a very creative process and the challenge becomes even tougher when it involves the creation of character illustrations to be used on the website. Majority of the sites you see on the net uses either original business pictures or stock images purchased from other sites. Very few of them use character illustrations on their websites mostly attributable 


15 Creative and Beautiful Movie Poster Designs Using Typography

Movie posters can be very creative and eye catching at times and especially when they are designed using typography they become all the more important from a designers point of view. They have a special charm to them and look different. Typography is when designs are made using texts or fonts. Today I am bringing to you some 15 movie 


31 Simple and Beautiful Minimal Wallpapers

Wallpapers could be useful in a variety of situations. Most often people use them to spice up their computer desktops or laptops. Today I am featuring wallpapers that are minimalist. Minimalist wallpapers have their charm and beauty. Minimalist wallpapers let you focus on the art rather than get lost in the complexity of its composition. There are many of you 

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30 Attractive and Glamorous Celebrity Website Designs

The one thing that makes a celebrity stand out is the number of people knowing them and the huge number of fans following them. They are rich and famous, well rich because they are famous. There are times when it is the other way around too. You are rich and therefore you are famous. Many may argue that they are 


24 Unusual and Creative Business Card Designs

Business cards can server many purposes, advertising being one of them. An official meeting is incomplete without the exchange of business cards among business associates. Business cards not only tell the other person who you are but also a lot about the company you work for. Whether you work for yourself or a company, a business card is of prime 

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22 Beautiful And Useful Free Handwritten Fonts

Well, it is not wrong to say that the age of the snail mail is over. After all, no one writes a letter these days. The days of postcards are over too. When you can take a photograph on vacation and post it straight to your Facebook wall, why bother with postcards? With all the new technology in place it 


29 Great Looking Ecommerce Website Designs

Ecommerce has changed the way we do business on the net. It has opened up many new possibilities never thought possible earlier. You are no longer restricted to your locality for doing business, but the world is now your market place. Many new open source software let you open up an ecommerce store at an economical price today. The possibilities