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10 Ways to Get New Customers Using Social Media

Gone are those days when companies had to make themselves visible in order to get new customers. Posting advertisements in the press was quite common earlier but not anymore. There are several evidences that the personnel specialists are now aiming at the social media websites for potential customers.

Social Media

1. Set up multiple accounts

The very first rule of the successful professional networking is to keep the business and pleasure separate. With several networking accounts you can present your best to the potential customers. You can set up 2 distinct accounts for business and friends on these networks that will enable you to classify your brand image.

2. Use the privacy settings on Facebook

It would be a good practice to create some business profiles on the business oriented social networks. There is no doubt that Facebook has turned to be an undisputed king as far as social activity of the net is concerned. Create separate list like work to add to your customers out there. You can add requests on friendship to either list. In order to make the people on the work list to check out the professional looking profile, you can make certain changes. There are options available that allow you to select exactly who sees what.

3. Be watchful about what you say

You must separate your personal and work lives. This is the most ideal way to create a professional image of your own online. This is one ideal way to make your personal branding. You would require presenting the best version of your work using the whole variety of social media tools available. Always watch your words whether you are tweeting, blogging or changing the status update on the Facebook.

It is quite easy to build your own credibility and reputation using the social media. On the other hand, it is also easy to damage it being capricious and careless.

4. Promote your know-how and Make yourself visible

Promote your know-how

Another most significant part of your personal branding strategy would be to establish yourself as one expert in this particular subject or field. The social media websites provide a lot of opportunities to promote yourself as the most leading light in your own area.

5. Share Quality Content

You can bring into line with some good content and then share it with others. To do so, answer to any questions on the user forums as well as the social networks. You can browse through the questions that the other Linkedln members have posted in your area of experience or a search by keyword. The more quality answers you offer, the more visible you can become.

6. Avoid Spamming

Always remember that aggressive self promotion techniques can distance people and friends. Therefore, you must avoid things that push your website with each status update or with inappropriate information to get yourself noticed. The key to keep followers and impress customers would be to balance your activity.

7. Follow right people

Follow right people

It’s a great tactic to make sure that you are actually making right contacts. You need to put together the list of services that you provide, who are your present clients so that you try and show your expertise. This way you would make the right approach to make friends with people on these networks who can work with you.

8. Consider joining some specialist groups

You should not just depend on the virtual friends for the leads. You can also consider joining specialist communities and groups online in order to get the best track and also promote your knowledge. Even the mainstream networking websites also provide a lot in this respect.

9. Make a video presentation

All your efforts of making yourself visible in the best way to right people will get noticed if you choose the right platform. Owing to the popularity of the online videos, you can consider getting a video done related to your services. If you are unable to make the professional production costs to the minimum then you can consider keeping things simple.

10. Measure impact

You can keep up the presence on a wide variety of websites. Therefore, you can actually measure your own success with people. Measure the traffic from every website and then avoid the ones that don’t work for you. In this regard, you can utilize web analytics tools like AWStats and Webalizer in order to check where it hits your blog.

Amrit Ray is a Director at Ray Creations, and maintains a few other blogs like this one. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Google +