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What is better, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail?

Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are the three major types of e mail facilities in the web world. In fact, all these mailing services have been revamping the services to offer a better experience to the users. All these 3 major mailing services make up the vast majority of 500 million web mailers around the world. After the revamp, all 3 and especially Gmail is offering terrific services to the mailers. However, Gmail seems to be the most used compared to the other two. The primary reason is of course the fact that stems from Google.

The next reason why Gmail is much preferred is due to the speed. The speed of Gmail is better than its other two competitors. Emails can also be tagged in Gmail to make search more effective. These are not available in the other mailers. The storage capacity of Gmail is also more than the other mailing services. All the features are totally free. Hotmail and Yahoo mail offer interfaces which are very similar to mainstream Outlook accounts. You might take some time to get used to this. If you are looking to tag and speed is your main necessity, then Gmail is the choice perfect for you.


Gmail offers integrated Gtalk within the Gmail interface which makes it more user-friendly. Spreadsheets and documents can also be added and accessed through Gmail account. POP-in and POP-out facilities are also provided by Gmail. It also comes with Google Calendar and of course one can vouch for the services Google provides. Therefore, Gmail is quite an awesome service which continues to be a favorite among the users.

Hotmail is lagging behind in this race for the numero uno spot. The storage space is small and the POP-IN and POP-OUT features are missing with the service. It is considered to be the slowest regarding the speed of the other two web mail facilities. Whereas Yahoo gives a tough competition to Gmail. The former facility is present like Gmail and unlike Hotmail. However, the POP-OUT is offered at an extra fee. The storage capacity still remains a problem zone for Yahoo. Gmail scores at this point heavily. The IM and RSS facilities have increased the interest of users in Yahoo and the speed is also not bad. However, it is not a comprehensive package like Gmail. Though the choice is all yours, but Gmail would definitely be a better choice.


Aparna is a senior web designer with Ray Creations and writes regularly on Ray Creations network sites. She has many years of web design experience.